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For Kids Ages 6-11

PLanet Patrol series

The Planet Patrol is a high adventure series that follows Axl, Jaya and Gear, three Zatu Intergalactic protectors, as they travel to multiple planets throughout the galaxy. Each book finds the Zatu a variety of dangerous situations where they must team with the planet locals to defeat the bad guys. The Planet Patrol series is for children 6-11 years old.

Tek, the Techno Beast Series

TeK, the Techno Beast, an alien, crashed his spaceship on earth. TeK, and his damaged spaceship, are discovered by three local boys Ry, Tag and Bowie. Although they have a rocky start, they all quickly become friends and the boys offer help TeK get back to his Home World. TeK is also being hunted by Hawke and Gunner, evil secret agents from ZLO. Tek is for children 6-11 years old.

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MoonDoggie Series

MoonDoggie, the surfing dog, is a fast paced, exciting, and high adventure series that follows his travels around the world. In each new country MoonDoggie meets friends and animals from that region but he also finds himself in many dangerous situations. It is up to him to tackle big problems such as endangered animals, environmental issues, and poachers. MoonDoggie seems to stumble into danger everywhere he goes, but since he’s a laid-back surfer, he also finds a lot of fun and friends along the way. Ages 5-10.

Coming 2023

Island Influencers

Coming 2023

Viking and Elves

Coming 2023

Mystery In the Caribbean

Coming 2023

Bora Bora: The Chase for the Pearl Thief

Coming 2023

The Great Grizzly Adventure


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