Kat Zwers

As a kid, Kat Zwers was always writing stories and creating characters. She dreamed of being a writer one day. When she grew up, she decided writing would be a fun career. She worked hard on honing her creative skills at The Walt Disney Company and as an executive at some of the world’s largest tech, entertainment, and fitness companies.

One day she decided it was finally the right time to start her own storytelling company, Kat Zwers Studios. Here she loves to pen high-octane adventure stories for kids and families.

Be it screenplays, books, movies, or video games, Kat brings solid expertise to her media projects.

Her favorite snacks on long road trips are red licorice and bubbly water with extra ice. Kat has a lot of fun hanging out at the beach, tubing down rivers, and walking in the hills around her home. But her most beloved thing to do in the whole wide world is to create new stories.

Kat Zwers lives in Ventura County, California, when she isn’t traveling the globe in search of inspiration and adventure.

This best seller books series for kids ages 6-11. Lots of action and humor. Kids can’t put it down!

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